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[Trivia] Where is KFC known as "PFK"?

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Question: Where is KFC known as “PFK”?

Trivia of Where is KFC known as “PFK”? is …1. Quebec 2. Kentucky 3. Germany 4. Japan.

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Quebec – If you’ve ever traveled to Quebec, then you know that the people there are proud of their French heritage. While most of Canada speaks English, Quebec is the only province that is home to a majority French-speaking population. And though English and French are both official languages of Canada, in Quebec, the sole official language is French. Local and provincial laws sometimes enforce this in unusual ways — including Section 63 of Quebec’s French Language Charter, which says that all business names must be in French. That’s how Kentucky Fried Chicken ended up having to rename its restaurants in Quebec from KFC to PFK, which stands for “Poulet Frit Kentucky.” Bon appétit! :

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