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[Trivia] Where is this ancient library?

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Question: Where is this ancient library?

Trivia of Where is this ancient library? is …1. Athens, Greece 2. Alexandria, Egypt 3. Muscat, Oman 4. Ephesus, Turkey.

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Ephesus, Turkey – The ancient city of Ephesus in Turkey is the official home of the ancient Library of Celsus. The stunning façade was built by Tiberius Julius Aquila Polemaeanus in honor of his late father, Tiberius Julius Celsus Polemaeanus, an esteemed member of the Roman government in 107 CE. He was buried directly under the ancient library, which doubles as a mausoleum. The Library of Celsus is an architectural feat, featuring Corinthian columns, lifelike statues, and ornate windows. It was actually designed to look larger with the use of convex angles and smaller columns in front. The four base sculptures have inscriptions commemorating the governor: wisdom (sophia), intelligence (ennoia), knowledge (episteme), and virtue (arete). Unfortunately, the library was destroyed by a fire in 262 CE, but the façade still stands as a prominent historical landmark.:

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